Our Projects


Because integration means speaking the same language and making friends.

For the third consecutive year, we have sponsored, as sole sponsor, a project aimed at welcoming and integrating foreign minors who arrived in Italy without parents.

In particular, the project aims to develop an intensive Italian language course to facilitate integration into the world of employment.

As said, the beneficiaries of the project are unaccompanied foreign minors, welcomed in the homes of the accompanying to autonomy project of the association called Il Tetto Casal Fattoria. The issue of minors who arrive in Rome in need of help spans from young people who no longer have families, or who have lost track of their families, to those who have families in difficulty and whom they intend to help by working in a rich country. Some of them are fleeing the war and have perhaps suffered violence and torture. They have all travelled on long journeys. Being alone and very young makes them vulnerable, and makes it even more difficult for them to integrate into Italian society. The unaccompanied foreign minors we welcome into our homes have to overcome many difficulties in order to grow up in Italy, integrate and become independent, including the problem of often finding themselves alone and in a country whose language they don’t speak. Learning Italian is one of the first fundamental steps to be able to enter the world of employment or enrol in school in order to obtain qualifications at different levels.