You can make a donation to Re-Diamo Onlus via PayPal or bank transfer:

IBAN: IT64Z0501803200000000127825
(c/o Banca Etica Via Parigi, 17 – 00185 Roma)


Donations to Ri-Diamo Onlus are tax deductible; just keep a receipt of the payment made.

Law Decree no. 35 of 14 th March 2005 (Article 14) provides individuals, enterprises and companies with the possibility to deduct donations made to Non-Profit Organisations from their income, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 460 of 4th December 1997 (O.N.L.U.S.). The person entitled to the deduction is the one who makes the donation, whether in cash or in kind, and they can deduct it within the limit of 10% of their total income on their tax return, and in any case, up to a maximum amount of 70,000 Euros each year.

Ri-Diamo is a non-profit organisation set up according to Article 10 of Legislative Decree no. 460 of 1997 and duly is registered.
Donations to Ri-Diamo Onlus are therefore deductible from your income. In order to deduct the donation from your income just keep a receipt of the payment made in favour of Ri-Diamo Onlus (e.g. receipt of the bank transfer), specifying the reason for payment “Donation to Charity”.
You can also donate your “cinque per mille” (five per thousand) of your IRPEF tax to Ri-Diamo Onlus by inserting Ri-Diamo Onlus’ tax code in the relevant box on your tax return.

The tax code of Ri-Diamo Onlus is: 97548340583